WARNING: People Think They Are Awake;  Yet they sleep  through the most important battle in their life Welcome to WealthBattle.com
WARNING: People Think They Are Awake;  Yet they sleep  through the most important battle in their life Welcome to WealthBattle.com

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What Is Wealth Battle?

 The Wealth Battle is something that we were all born into, through the nature of resources being scares, and humans requiring things outside of their own body to survive. These otherwise surmountable problems have been exacerbated and made more difficult by things like runaway government spending devaluing the fiat currency, complicated employer relationships, ever shifting tax codes, bigger boom and bust cycles. Lisa was concerned by how non-autonomous people who care about freedom was and how precarious the future is if people don't become more financially resilient. Kason noticed some people he wanted to go hang out with him at a fun freedom event in Mexico would say that they couldn't afford it. The net result was that Lisa and Kason decided to make a community of people and a knowledge base that taught principles that they had learned about economics and money to try to boost the financial literacy and IQ of the freedom community.

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Meet the Instructors

Lisa Manfredi

Lisa is a huge fan of the cash flow (both the game you can play online with her and the financial reality). The principles she learned from the game have awakened her inner opportunist to realize that deals are everywhere and abound in all places where we focus our attention to. She is also a real estate investor, which is cool too.

Lisa is a mosaic thinker with both range and depth. Her education in neuroscience gave her a keen appreciation for understanding networks and ultimately underpins her approach to business and life. Curious and active-minded, she chipmunks data points, information, experiences, feelings, intentions, and a wealth of other “pieces” to mastermind and realizes ideas and relationships.

Lisa recognized that the great fallacies in the financial system and her own financial ignorance left her vulnerable to circumstances. No more! Most people sleep through the most important battle of their lives. Lisa aims to increase the resilience of her community by educating freedom-minded people at here Wealth Battle

Topics Lisa enjoys discussing:

  • Autonomy: Ask Lisa about being your own bank!
  • Resiliency: Opportunity Costs and mitigating downside risk.
  • Legacy: Talk about how to build a future with more free people!

Kason Bryden

Kason is a business owner in Fort Worth, Texas. With experience working in television production as a producer and news photographer, he now spends his time leveraging his skills in production to helping arm individuals with a financial education that is lacking from the schools.

When not trying to cashflow in the board game or in his business. Kason likes hanging out with his wife and dog, riding the electric bike, and pontificating philosophical and ethical queries like "If one is to follow their conscience in all things, they cannot follow a given set of laws to the max. Logically, the converse must also be true. In which case: What is the responsibility of a man when a law conflicts with his own personal code of ethics?"

He met Lisa in a hotel room at an event in Mexico talking about Anarcho-Capitalism and Cryptocurrency, and they have become buddies in life and in hosting Wealth Battle together. There are few things more satisfying than seeing someone click with the information and teaching to make tangible changes not only to their short term financial situation, but change their entire trajectory and outlook on life.

Things that light Kason up:

  • Income: How to negotiate with bosses and customers.
  • Budgeting: How can you play smarter with your Income?
  • Truth Seeking: What's the truth in the math of a proposition?

What is Cash Flow and how do I play?

Cash flow is a tabletop game that teaches you the principles of well.. Cash Flow. Due to the world mostly being online our in person meetups to play cash flow have been halted so we ported the game to be able to be played online in a very similar fashion to the tabletop game. 
If you want to pick up a tabletop version of cash flow you can buy it at the Rich Dad Site here: https://store.richdad.com/collections/board-games
If you want to play cashflow for free with Lisa and Kason - You can join our discord by exchanging your e-mail with us here:

The Wealth Battle In Your Life By Lisa Manfredi

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