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Bulletproof Banking
What is Bulletproof Banking?
  • Information on how to use bulletproof banking in your life.
  • Open your own account. get specific numbers in a quote.
  • ​Discuss opportunities and get a second set of eyes on a deal. 
Unsure of your numbers?
Overhaul your budget before opening the Bulletproof Bank 
to maximize your financial strategy
Opportunity Funds Are Crucial To Financial Resilience - Without a reserve to draw upon, you are vulnerable to the next moment of chaos brought in by life.
"Very Technical Concepts"

The Debtor

Charges add to debt load - accruing interest and furthering away from wealth accumulation and high debt loads. Overleveraged

The Saver

Save/Spend resets wealth. Opportunity cost of cash to suboptimal accumulation of wealth. Potentially Underleveraged

The Wealth Battler

With Optimized Strategies, a Wealth Battler leverages Bulletproof Banking principles to grow, protect & use opportunity funds.
 Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it. 

~ Albert Einstein

What is an Opportunity Fund?
An Opportunity is a place to Grow, Protect, and Use your savings before and during the purchase of an Asset.
Why Bulletproof Banking?
Bulletproof Banking allows you to purchase an asset and have a guaranteed yield in a tax free environment 
How does it work?
As you put premium into the policy - it has a guaranteed amount of growth that you can tap into at any point.
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