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4 Principles to Budget
  • Budget Immediately: Build a budget that you can use now to reach your goals.
  • Fast Implementation: In Under an Hour go from NEVER BUDGETED to BUDGETING!
  • No Cost or Obligation: Nothing is sold. No pressure. Just straight education for your benefit.
Why Budget with Kason?
Kason has been a fan of budgeting for several years now and has helped people who have both high and low incomes. high and low expenses. complicated and simple financial lives. 

Resources referenced in the video below

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect when meeting and doing a budgeting overhaul?
Build out a Version 1 budget that will be functional from day 1.
Demonstrate how to use budgeting software to log expenses painlessly and quickly.
Set the system so you budget for the future with a few clicks for a month at a time.
Show the secret in budgeting that is crucial to maximizing any financial strategy you may have.

How long does it take to get "Good" at budgeting"
The first 30 days budgeting are the hardest if you've never done it before. Kason used to have an error rate close to 20% from his expected spends vs what the bank showed. Now the error rate is normally closer to less than 1% and budgeting has gone from 20 minutes a day on average to less than 5 to stay on top of everything.

What if I start budgeting and have a quick question that doesn't warrant a full call?
E-mail Kason@WealthBattle.com if you have a quick question - or text 845-493-2584

How Long does it take for the call?
If you do the pre budgeting overhaul prep (below) it will take less than 1 hour. 

What should I do with X money or Y expense?
Anyone who tells you what you SHOULD do doesn't understand Praxeology - however in the call you can ask whatever you like to get a second opinion, but the decision must always be yours to proceed or not on any strategy in life with finance. Do your own research. Ask people to explain the mathematics until you are 100% confident that you understand any strategy.

Why is this free?
There are 3 reasons why this is provided at no cost to anyone who wishes to budget. First, I believe budgeting is one of the most important steps to becoming financially resilient in life, the only defense against the world is a thorough knowledge of it. That applies to budgeting as much as any other truth claim. Second, I like YNAB and their software turned me from a non-budgeter to a budgeting zealot. -- If you sign up with my referral link I will get a free month of YNAB, but if someone introduced you to YNAB before me, feel free to use theirs. The call is still free to you.
Lastly, and maybe most importantly, the financial supporters of WealthBattle.com contribute to the site so that there is the ability to provide this at no cost to anyone. We hope that if you receive value working with us or learning from us that you'll go to the home page of WealthBattle.com and become a supporter. But it's not required, we are happy to help people no matter where they are in their financial journey.

Pre Budgeting Overhaul Preparation

Before Budgeting please get a current balance on:
- All checking, cash, savings, retirement accounts -
Checking bank 1 $1,005.32
Cash on Hand $1,325.97
Credit Card 1 -$1,090.50
IRA 1 $3,070.30
(As many as you have! even if they are just for saving $)

- Any outstanding loans or structured payments -
Student Loan -$1,050. 27
Car loan -$1,500.37
Mortgage -$50,503.84

- Net Worth, Assets & Liabilities measured in $ today - 
Crypto, Precious Metals, Outstanding Mortgage Amount, Resale Value of Home, Business Equipment Resale Value, Total Remaining Car Loan, Car Resale Value, Cash Value to Whole Life, Outstanding Business Loans or Policy Loans

Net worth calculations are not required, but some people like to track that to see how they doing in absolute terms over time.
For expenses please estimate Monthly spends on: 
Groceries - 
Fast Food -
Rent / Mortgage -
Electricity -
Internet -
Water/Sewer -
Natural Gas -
Car Fuel -
Phone Bill -
Property Taxes (If non-escrowed) -
Home Insurance (If non-escrowed) -
Auto Insurance -
Other Bill #1
Other Bill #2
- Add other bills until you feel you have covered 90%+ of your expenses in a given month.

I made a big - I mean REALLY BIG list of expenses that you might want to peruse while figuring up your expenses. Some of these things only come by every few years and people forget they even have them. 
Your Privacy is your own to keep.
Feel free to omit anything or report whatever numbers you wish as your finances can be as private as you desire them to be. The more true info you bring the more accurate your budget and net worth will be at the end of the conversation; However, some people prefer not to disclose anything of their financial life and feed test data in so they can re-work the budget on their own in the future. It is OK to be private about your life!
Want to try budgeting without a free consultation?
I literally promised the PR director of YNAB that I would say this, So here it is. We are not endorsed or officially affiliated with YNAB in any capacity. I'm just a VORACIOUS user of their software. It's so good.  
BTW - the above link IS a referral link. If you choose to purchase YNAB - I will get a free month of the service. <3 Kason
Ready to start an opportunity fund?
Lisa will lay out the options before you and spell out the pros and cons of different potential courses of action.
There's no obligation to move forward on anything and ultimately the choice is yours to make on how you'd prefer to proceed.
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