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Finally!  A Scoreboard For LIFE
Look at a scoreboard at a sporting event. It tells you everything important in the game RIGHT NOW.
In the game of life, you need to know
 you are on track to accomplishing your goals!
Budgeting is the 2nd step to 
"Escape The Rat Race"
Build Your Budget & Receive the 7 Steps to Escape the Rat Race Presentation for free.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect when creating a budget?
Build out a Version 1 budget that will be functional from day 1.
Demonstrate how to use budgeting software to log expenses painlessly and quickly. Set the system so in the future with a few clicks you can budget for a month or more at a time.

How long does it take to get "Good" at budgeting"
Well the guided tutorial is about an hour and a half for most people.

The first 30 days budgeting are the hardest if you've never done it before. Kason used to have a jaw-dropping error rate close to 20% from his expected spends vs what the bank showed. Now the error rate is normally less than 1% and budgeting has gone from 20 minutes a day on average to less than 5 / day to stay on top of everything.

What if I start budgeting and have a quick question that doesn't warrant a full call? E-mail Kason@WealthBattle.com if you have a quick question - or text 845-493-2584
What should I do with X money or Y expense?
To be a bit pedantic and overly precise... Anyone who tells you what you SHOULD do with YOUR life doesn't understand Praxeology or The Economic Calculation Problem. 

Why is this free?
There are 3 reasons why this is provided at no cost:

First, I believe budgeting is the next step to becoming financially resilient after securing a way to earn an income in one's life. IBOARSE.

Second, I like YNAB and their software enables me to look further than I could without leveraging a tool that helps me schedule money. I want you to be empowered with this!

Third, as "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch" This is usually the starting point of a relationship between you and the team at WealthBattle.com. We are Arming Individuals with Financial Education.
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